Saturday, February 17, 2007

Syrian Man suffers epileptic seizure in court, back to detention, day twenty of hunger strike.

That's about it really, except to add that this happened last time he was in court to have his application for asylum heard. They ask him about why he is in fear of his life if returned to Syria, and this fear is so bad that before he can articulate it, he suffers an epileptic seizure. Of to hospital, back to detention, no hope, no compassion.

He is now on day twenty of his hunger strike. Well, twenty one, as it's now Saturday.

Immigration minster Kevin Andrews and shadow minister Tony Burke , you are being updated with this blog emailed direct to you, and you can explain how you let a sick man starve to death, if you don't do something first.

Amanda would say it's blackmail. I say he's trying to get your attention with all that he has left, his life, and, how can you ignore him and call yourself human?


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