Wednesday, February 14, 2007

"I am the officer, and you're just a detainee."
The Syrian Man is on day eigthteen of his hunger strike in Immigration Detention Centre.

He spoke with me to day, and told me of yet another instance of casual cruelty by the detention guards. He had been working on the internet for an hour an a half, when the guard told him only an hour was allowed, and so he had to stop now. My friend pointed out that no one else was wanting to access the computer, and insisted on staying. This outraged the guard, who told him that he had to do what the guard said, without protest, because "I am the officer, and you're just a detainee."

I am proud of my friend for not accepting this insult to his dignity as a human being, and I understand more why he is refusing to take food from this cruel tyrannic regime.

Kevin Andrews, the Minister for Immigration, is being send a copy of this entry and the last blog, and he can share with me and you the daily news of this man slowly starving to death, because we won't give him freedom or dignity.


Blogger rwanyoike said...

As a detainee,i have knowledge of the supplier of alcohol to the detainees.Investigate TIM a guard a worker of GSL.Alcohol is no good for depressed detainees me as an example.

2:07 AM  
Blogger rwanyoike said...

Please dont disclose my name for security reasons as am still there.

2:08 AM  

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