Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Marat and his mum in hospital after trying to jump from the audience hall

Posted to the coordrac list by Jamal

The 9 day of Aminov's hunger strike was dramatic. As expected, son Marat had tried to commit desperate act by trying to jump from the audience hall to the main hall. Luckily he was stopped by parliament security before he hurt himself.
He was then taken to Canberra hospital for treatment of back pain in result of 3 security jumping on his back trying to stop his movement.
Then his mother was taken to hospital as she collapsed after hearing that her only son could have hurt himself. She is currently in Belconnen hospital for dehydration and treatment for Diabetes and hypertension.
Son Marat was released from hospital and he will be back (with his father) to continue their hunger strike outside the Federal parliament tomorrow.
Please take an action to support the family. You can call the minister on 6277 7860 or fax him on 6273 4144 or simply sign the petition on
Jamal Daoud
(attached is the pic of Alija in hospital after collapsing outside the parliament)


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